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Rostering & Timesheets

The IWS Rostering and Timesheets Solution allows you to better manage your workforce, build rosters in line with budgets and communicate directly with employees via SMS, email and web. Additionally, approve timesheets in minutes, easily compare Rostered Labour to Actual Labour to Approved Labour and track when your employees actually start and finish.

The IWS Rostering and Timesheets Solution can be customised to fit virtually any rostering or timesheet situation and is 100% cloud based providing access from anywhere at any time.

Visibility and Access

  • 100% cloud based…accessible 24 / 7 from anywhere in the world
  • Admin access providing enterprise wide visibility across multiple sites and business units
  • Specific manager access allowing creation of rosters and approval of timesheets
  • Individual employee logins allowing access to view details, rosters and availabilities


  • Build rosters in minutes
  • Compare rosters to budgets
  • Assess labour cost as you assign shifts
  • Communicate shifts via SMS and email
  • Manage employee availability
  • Assign shifts based on employee qualification and skill level

Time and Attendance

  • Track when your employees actually start and actually finish
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Biometric clock in / clock out capability


  • Approve timesheets in minutes
  • Compare rostered versus actual start and finish times
  • Assess rostered labour costs vs approved / paid costc
  • Manage leave, bonuses and other adhoc payments
  • Secure a long lasting audit trail of who worked when and where

Award Interpretation

  • Assign employees to award categories
  • Auto calculate penalty rates and overtime
  • Accurately cost labour based on Award rates, rules and conditions

Payroll Summary

  • Generate payroll summaries highlighting breakdown of hours and gross pay per employee, per pay period
  • Export Payroll Summary as CSV files

Integrate IWS Rostering & Timesheets with the IWS Payroll Solution and have your end-to-end payroll managed for you!

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