Value Proposition

value proposition

IWS Solution

  • Provides seamless, end to end solution
  • Solves upfront and ongoing systems integration needs
  • ‘People + tech’ approach delivers 100% coverage of client needs
  •  Saves time and money

Other Solutions

  • Address different segments of the issue, but not the whole
  • Require investment / effort to plug pieces together
  • Do not solve for unavoidable manual interventions required

Software WITH a Service

SwaS , or ‘Software with a Service’, refers to the enhancement of cloud based technology platforms through supplementation with dedicated customer support and specialist account management. IWS has pioneered this style of service delivery, partnering with its clients to ensure that all levels of upfront and ongoing support are catered for.

Our SwaS approach means we work with you to:

  • Configure our technology platforms to fit your specific business needs
  • Provide upfront and ongoing training for key users of our systems within your business
  • Manage operational exceptions as they arise
  • Support and integrate new site implementations, enabling your capacity to readily scale and grow

Customer Support

We provide you with one point of contact across all of your IWS modules – Workforce Management (Rostering, Timesheets and Time and Attendance), Payroll Outsourcing and Bookkeeping. Your account management team is comprised of highly qualified professionals with specialist expertise in these areas and is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service.

With IWS, help is only ever a phone call away! Call us now on 1300 797 497 and speak to one of our friendly team.